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"The Noserider""

Personally tested from La Libertad , to Punta de Mita , to Cocoa Beach. Designed for the "Classic Style" of wave riding, the combination of low entry rocker , parallel plan shape, wide hips, extra tail rocker, soft elliptical rails and extended nose concave are standard on this model.

If you need and explanation of what these features do , maybe you just aren't ready for the time you'll spend on the nose, or the fluid cutbacks and trim speed this board does naturally. If you really know,and understand, then this is the board for you.

Available in sizes from 9' - 11'           
Please Call For Prices    941-780-5384                           More Info

"The Pintail"

Personally tested from Saquarema, to Puerto Escondido, to Montauk. Over, under, sideways, around, this design is to be driven hard and fast. An edgy hard railed tail drawn to point giving you speed through bottom turns as well as full wraps and rebounds.

The secret is the hull shape, which creates a board that nose rides well and turns like a tail rider. The difference? You'll catch more waves which means you'll have more fun and isn't that why you're there?

Available in sizes from 8' - 10'  
Please Call For Prices    941-780-5384                      More Info

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