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Custom Wood Surfboards

For almost 45 years my life has centered on my passion for surfing and the building of surfboards. Creating the perfect surfboard has been a goal for many craftsmen for many years (my closest attempt came in 1996 with a redwood Hot Curl), and is something that should be the main focus of every builder.

I have made to date almost 1100 wood boards alone, and many times that in foam. My quest for perfection is still the most important part of my trade and I'll never lose sight of that goal. Wood being a living, organic entity has it's own unique and changing personality and no two pieces of wood are ever the same.
My experience over the years has made me realize wood is the art that the shaper has to discover and bring out, it can't be forced. The worst piece of wood is still beautiful and worthy of as much care and effort as any other piece in creating something long lasting and beautiful. This is my knowledge and trade and my name goes on every wood surfboard I make.

I've narrowed down my all time favorite surfboard shapes to these two designs. Understanding that the waves we all surf aren't always perfect, my boards are designed to perform well in most conditions for surfers of all levels.

Paddling speed and maneuverability have always been important in my designs and I feel  the combination of rocker and bottom contours creates surface excitement found in all One World Surfboards. To experience this is to understand what you have been missing, and I am sure you'll agree.  

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